Pipe Bender

Recently, I had the opportunity to curate an exhibit of 20 artists including my own work, at the Art Studio NY on the Upper West Side. One of the pieces I put in the show was a bent fence, "Boundaries". Several people at the show asked me what my process was for this particular piece. The questions that arose inspired me to share how I got from point A to point B. I found this fence in my parents backyard and started working on it a year ago. I kept getting really frustrated with this piece because no matter what I did it still just looked like a fence with yarn on it. I knew I wanted to make it more 3 dimensional but wasn't exactly sure how to do this without repeating what I had already done with my past work. I started to think about the piece in a space and how it would stand on its own. After debating for quite some time I thought bending it would be the best way to go about this. I asked my dad how we could do this and to my surprise he said that he had a pipe bender that would do the trick. I wasn't expecting the pipe bender to look like it did but as you can see in the photos it sort of latched on to the pipe and had a long pipe extending from it for leverage. My dad put all of his weight on the ledge of the pipe bender and I held down the other side. We continued to do this until it was bent enough to stand on its own. Pipe benders rule.