Preparations (table), is a an interactive cutting board that serves as a meeting space for discussion and community building. Embedded into the table are speakers which play a soundscape of food preparation that could be easily confused with familiar snippets of what one might hear when passing by construction sites on the street. Repetitive sounds of hammering peach pits, a bagel sawing up and down on a cheese grater, the act of cutting and processing, and the sounds of transformation of fungi. The layered soundscape is further transformed into the food being eaten by participants. Routed into the tabletop are pathways and grooves that connect each food item to each person's place at the table, creating a stream-like pattern of interconnectedness.  The bagel loaf shared on the table was from bagel waste, discarded peach pits are hammered open and transformed into jam, and mushrooms grown over a period of time, repurposed and recultivated into a new community of fungi.