As the Mushroom Shed project unfolded over long periods of time and involved complex interrelations between many different people in a community, I found that presentation formats were most efficient in sharing the work. I have given presentations at community centers, conferences around the world, in classrooms, at club meetings, libraries, museums, and more. The presentations allow me to create an interactive dialogue with those present, share an oral history of how projects have evolved in a community, and break out into collaborative brainstorming sessions.

Upcoming presentations:

Three Phase Center for Collaborative Art Research and Building, Stone Ridge, NY July 19th 6-8pm
Mildred’s Lane June 3-5 2019
IIPPE (International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy) Conference in Lille, France - July 3 through 5 2019
Elting Library New Paltz, NY July 2019
New Paltz Climate Action Coalition (Village Hall New Paltz. NY) August 2019