The Seed Between, 2017 

peach milk.jpg

One day I cut open a peach and the husk broke open to reveal a small seed that resembled an almond. I bit into it and experienced a glorious combination of almond and amaretto. When I discovered the peach seed hidden between the husk, I immediately thought about it being a replacement for almond milk. I ate peach after peach, saving the seeds and after a month realized that I would need to eat an enormous amount of peaches in order to produce a jar of seed milk. I called local farms and asked them if I could search underneath their peach trees to collect fallen peach pits. I collected bags and bags of peach pits and in the end it only accumulated to one ounce of seed milk. I used the ounce of seed milk to take the experiment further to ferment it into yogurt.

A few weeks later, I proposed a workshop entitled, The Seed Between, at Open to the Sky: The Beacon Sukkah Project. In the workshop, participants would experience slowing down, connecting to the seed and would explore taste together while eating peaches and breaking open the husks to reveal a seed. We would then make seed milk and go through the process of fermenting it into yogurt. The workshop was intended to cultivate a conversation about waste and the endless possibilities of what could be done with something as ordinary as a peach pit.

When it came time for the workshop, peach season was over and it was utterly impossible to find local peaches anywhere. I had only a few that were saved from the season to share with others at the workshop. Something that was so abundant at one moment became completely scarce within a matter of weeks. It brought up questions of the disposable society we live in and the reality of what it feels like for a resource to run out.

In preparation for this workshop, I very quickly realized the amount of effort sustainability takes, from breaking open hundreds of husks, making the milk, and learning the process of fermenting the milk into yogurt. I found myself wrapping the yogurt in a heating blanket and waking up every two hours to reset the timer to reheat, almost as if I had a child. I now had a completely different perspective of the grab and go mentality of the readymade yogurt at the store.

Ironically, the attendance for the workshop was poor which led me to do a street performance of going through the motions of making seed milk and yogurt which was well received. The very fact that people were not inclined to make the effort to learn how to make peach seed milk heightens my curiosity of the willingness of people to put in the effort to be sustainable in their everyday lifestyle choices. How can we come together to generate a conversation of what it means to be sustainable if no one will show up?

This leads me to believe that we all need to work together as a team to bridge our unique ideas and collaborate to find solutions. The Seed Between, is about planting the seed, starting a conversation, and broadening awareness of choice and possibilities. It is meant to nurture an ongoing dialogue around the ability for us to realize that everything we do in each moment makes a difference and is worth paying attention to- even if no one shows up.